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Comfortable & Precise Periodontal Therapy



In addition to offering traditional scaling and root planing and osseous surgery, Dr. Rynar offers an FDA-approved therapy called LANAP. This advanced treatment uses a gentle, soft-tissue laser instead of a scalpel and stitches. As a result, treatment with LANAP is far less invasive than other therapies.

Also, it is more efficient. Dr. Rynar has very precise control over the depth and extent of cutting, so we only have to treat the tissues that need it. What’s more, when your procedure is complete, you can look forward to a shorter recovery with no stitches.

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IS LANAP Right for You?

If you struggle with periodontal disease, Dr. Rynar would be happy to assess your needs and talk to you about treatment with LANAP. We can also answer your questions about how this revolutionary service works.

Call Metropolitan Periodontics & Implantology Associates to request an appointment. Dr. Rynar is proud to offer comfortable, precise laser care to patients from New York, New Jersey and all surrounding areas.

How Laser Periodontal Therapy Works

A.  After local anesthesia, the depths of the pockets are measured and recorded
B.  The first pass of the laser selectively removes bacteria and the infected pocket lining
C.  Ultrasonic instruments clean and smooth the root surfaces
D.  The second pass of the laser further disinfects the pocket and creates a blood clot
E.  Compress loose tissues against the tooth, creating a fibrin seal
F.  The bite is adjusted by selective grinding to eliminate traumatic tooth movement
G.  Healing results in new attachment after 12 months
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Treat Implant Inflammation with LAPIP

Dental implants make it possible for almost everyone to be able to replace missing teeth with results that come close to recreating nature.  They replace the root structure of the tooth and allow your dentist to add a dental crown or denture to replace your natural teeth.  Even with a 95% success rate, dental implants can sometimes be affected by soft tissue inflammation.

Maintaining the function of a dental implant depends largely on maintaining the health of the soft tissue around it. Fortunately, the technology at the heart of the LANAP process allows Dr. Rynar to provide a less invasive way of treating the inflammation around implants – before it becomes a serious problem. In the end, maintaining healthy gum tissue will help your implants have a longer life, and patients who have utilized LAPIP have experienced amazing results.

Call Metropolitan Periodontics & Implantology Associates, PA to learn more about periodontal therapy. Dr. Rynar is proud to help patients from the tri-state area.

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