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Periodontal Therapy for Florham Park, NJ

Healthy gums enhance the appearance of your teeth, like a frame around a beautiful painting. But when your gums become unhealthy, they can become swollen and red, or they can begin to recede. Later, if treatment is avoided, your teeth can shift, loosen, or fall out. These changes not only affect your ability to chew and speak, they also spoil your smile. Periodontal therapy will help you retain your teeth and will reduce inflammation in your gums. 

About Gum Disease

Dental plaque is the primary cause of gum disease. Certain bacteria found in plaque produce toxins or poisons that irritate the gums, causing inflammation and bleeding. If the irritation is prolonged, the gums will separate from the teeth, causing pockets to form. As periodontal disease progresses, the supporting gum tissue and bone will deteriorate, creating the opportunity for tooth loss. Many patients with gum disease show obvious symptoms, but many others do not. More than 80 percent of Americans will have struggled with some form of gum disease by the age of 45.

Preventing Periodontal Disease

The best way to prevent gum disease is through daily brushing and flossing. Unfortunately, even with the best home care routine you can still develop some form of periodontal disease. Once this happens, professional treatment is needed.

Gum Disease and Your Overall Health

Would you like to learn more about periodontal disease and how it’s treated? Call Metropolitan Periodontics & Implantology Associates, PA with your questions or to schedule an appointment. Dr. Rynar is happy to provide periodontal therapy to patients in New York, New Jersey, and all surrounding communities.

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