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Crown Lengthening in Florham Park, NJ

Crown lengthening is required when your tooth needs a new crown or other restoration. A crown lengthening procedure involves adjusting the level of gum tissue and bone around the tooth in question to create a new gum-to-tooth relationship. This lets Dr. Rynar ensure a proper fit for your restoration afterwards. It also provides enough tooth structure so the new restoration won’t come loose in the future.

The procedure takes approximately one hour. When completed, sutures and a protective bandage are placed to help secure the new gum-to-tooth relationship. After one or two weeks, we can remove the sutures and evaluate your healing.

Call Metropolitan Periodontics & Implantology Associates, PA to learn more about crown lengthening, cosmetic periodontics or any of our other services. Dr. Rynar offer crown lengthening and other therapies to New Jersey, New York, and nearby communities.

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