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Cosmetic Periodontics Surgery

Cosmetic periodontal surgery offers patients a predictable way of covering unsightly, sensitive, or exposed root surfaces, and of preventing future gum recession. It can also help patients who are unhappy with the appearance of short, unsightly teeth. Through a combination of periodontal procedures, Dr. Rynar and your cosmetic dentist will work with you to create beautiful, confident results.

Crown Lengthening

Although your teeth may appear short, they’re actually the proper length. The reason your teeth appear short is that they’re covered by excess gum tissue. We can correct this with a simple procedure known as crown lengthening. During your procedure, the excess gum and bone tissue are reshaped to expose more of your beautiful smile and create a more even gum line.

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Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft tissue grafting is used to cover unattractive tooth roots, reduce gum recession, and protect the roots from decay and eventual loss.

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Bone Grafting

Following the loss of a tooth, bone grafting can preserve the socket/ridge and minimize gum and bone collapse. There is less shrinkage with bone grafting, and having the procedure will make you a candidate for tooth replacement with either a dental implant crown or fixed bridge.

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For more information on our cosmetic periodontal service, don’t hesitate to give our dental office a call. Dr. Rynar is happy to offer comprehensive care to patients from all surrounding communities.

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