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How Technology Is Changing Periodontal Surgery

December 5, 2018

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woman at the dentist’s officeStrides in dental technology that have been made over the past decade or so have greatly improved the process for just about every procedure. Visiting a periodontist who regularly invests in the latest technology will help to ensure that your procedure is as comfortable and efficient as possible. If you are in need periodontal surgery in Florham Park, find out about the different modern tools and state-of-the-art techniques your periodontist may use in this week’s blog post.

A Comprehensive View with 3D Imaging

In the treatment planning phase of complex procedures, your dentist or periodontist will require a more in-depth view of your teeth and surrounding oral structures than can be provided by a traditional X-ray alone. In these instances, 3D imaging with the Cone Beam scanner is invaluable. The Carestream Cone Beam 3D system is one popular choice for dental and periodontal practices. This machine takes a comprehensive digital scan of the entire jaw — and the image is then projected onto a screen that your dentist or specialist can use to guide the treatment plan to ensure maximum safety and success.

Laser Dentistry for More Efficient Procedures

Gum disease treatment with laser dentistry eliminates the need for traditional scalpel and suture procedures. The laser sanitizes as it works, which minimizes bleeding and promotes faster healing. Your dentist or periodontist will use the laser to clean out infected periodontal pockets and encourage the regrowth of tissue to bone. The soft tissue laser may also be used to recontour uneven periodontal tissue to enhance aesthetics after the treatment of gum disease.

Osseous Surgery Treats Advanced Gum Disease

When gum disease cannot be treated with the soft tissue laser-guided method alone, your periodontist in Florham Park may recommend osseous surgery for fully sanitizing the periodontal pockets and preventing reinfection. Using advanced tools, bacteria is eliminated and a healthier oral environment is created — which stops gum disease in its tracks and helps you avoid long-term effects like tooth loss and related health conditions.

In summary, periodontal treatment is more effective than ever thanks to the use of advanced technology and methods. If you need gum disease therapy, gum recontouring, or any other procedure, there is nothing to worry about when you visit a periodontist who makes use of the latest technology.

Meet the Practice

Dr. James Rynar is a periodontist with decades of experience in periodontal therapy, dental implants, cosmetic periodontics, and more. His practice utilizes the latest technology to provide the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art care possible. Learn more or schedule an appointment by calling (973) 377-3131 today.

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