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Everything You Need to Know about LANAP/LAPIP in Florham Park

June 10, 2018

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close-up of a healthy smileGum disease treatment has dramatically improved over the last several years, and now, a dentist or periodontist can help you manage your periodontal (gum) health with greater comfort and ease than ever before. One popular method is with LANAP/LAPIP in Florham Park. Keep reading to learn more about this laser-assisted option for treating gum disease — it’s time for the FAQ!

Q: What is LANAP?

A: LANAP is laser-assisted regeneration that is used to regrow periodontal tissue that has been lost as a result of gum disease. This treatment has been approved for use by the FDA. It is performed using a handheld laser with 7 different power settings, allowing your dentist to carefully control which areas are treated.

Q: What is LAPIP?

A: LAPIP is a way to reduce inflammation around dental implants. Implant dentistry is highly successful when the implants stay healthy and clean, but some patients will develop inflammation around the posts due to hygiene issues or an infection that develops at the time of implantation. If this occurs, your dentist can carefully target the bacteria causing infection using LAPIP.

Q: When would I need LANAP or LAPIP?

A: A dentist or periodontist may recommend these procedures for gum disease and inflammation. Not treating infection can result in a host of serious issues related to oral and overall health, including tooth loss, dental implant failure, increased risk of diabetes, and others.

Q: What are the key differences between LANAP and LAPIP?

A: For LANAP and LAPIP, your dentist uses the same tool, just with different goals in mind. LANAP regenerates tissue that was lost to gum disease while LAPIP helps keep dental implants sturdy and healthy.

Q: What are the benefits of laser-assisted dentistry?

A: For gum disease treatment, lasers offer greater comfort and faster recovery times. There is no need for a scalpel and sutures using this method. Laser-assisted gum disease treatment reduces bleeding and minimizes discomfort. Because it sanitizes as it works, healing begins immediately after the procedure is complete.

Q: How is LANAP/LAPIP more comfortable than traditional surgery?

A: Because laser dentistry can eliminate the need for a scalpel and stitches, there is no cut, no sew, and no fear with LANAP/LAPIP. Patients report greater comfort, less bleeding, reduced sensitivity, and faster healing times compared to conventional gum surgery. That adds up to a far better and more successful experience overall!

Q: Where can I learn more about LANAP/LAPIP?

A: If you are interested in LANAP/LAPIP for gum disease treatment or treatment of inflammation, talk to a periodontist in Florham Park. A consultation can help an expert determine whether or not this treatment is right for you. In the vast majority of cases, the answer is yes!

Meet the Periodontist

Dr. James Rynar is a periodontist offering high-quality dental implant services and gum disease treatment in Florham Park. To learn more about laser-assisted dentistry or to schedule an appointment for the same, you are invited to contact his state-of-the-art office at 973-377-3131.

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