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Periodontist in Florham Park Uses State-of-the-Art Technology

April 15, 2018

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businesswoman smiling in dentist's chairWhen you need to visit a dental specialist, you need to want to make sure that you are seeing the very best. These days, that means someone who is using the latest technology — the tools that allow them to provide comfortable, efficient, and excellent care. Dr. Rynar, your periodontist in Florham Park, is pleased to offer all of the above with the soft tissue laser. Keep reading to learn how LANAP in Florham Park dramatically improves the process for periodontal therapy!

What Is LANAP for Gum Disease?

LANAP is an FDA-approved method for treating gum disease that uses the precision of a soft tissue laser to remove bacteria, heal inflammation, and rejuvenate your oral health. Gum disease causes pockets of infection that live between your teeth and the gums, slowly eating away at healthy tissue and eventually causing tooth loss and other significant oral health issues. Treatment requires removing the infection to allow the periodontal (gum) tissue to heal. The LANAP method replaces the former method, which required a scalpel and sutures — for a far more comfortable, easier procedure overall. Healing is faster with LANAP, too!

How LANAP Works

The LANAP procedure is completely comfortable thanks to help from anesthesia and Dr. Rynar’s gentle approach. To begin, we will help you settle comfortably into the dental chair and then administer the numbing agent. The treatment will start only when we are sure you are completely comfortable.

The steps of the procedure are as follows:

  • Pocket depths are measured and recorded
  • The laser does an initial pass to remove some bacteria
  • Root surfaces are cleaned and smoothed to prevent re-infection
  • Another pass of the laser removes further bacteria and encourages the formation of a blood clot
  • The tissues are compressed against the tooth to create a seal
  • If needed, some tooth enamel is selectively removed to eliminate the movement of teeth
  • Healing takes place over the course of 12 months

Benefits of LANAP

LANAP offers a number of benefits for patients who require periodontal therapy or who have experienced inflammation around a dental implant. Some of the most significant advantages of this treatment include:

  • It is far more precise than treatment with a scalpel and stitches
  • Better precision means only the tissue that needs to be removed will be treated
  • Healing is faster since the laser sanitizes as it works
  • There is no need for scalpel or sutures at all
  • Bleeding is minimized
  • Far less invasive than other treatments

For patients with gum disease or inflammation around a dental implant, there is no better solution than LANAP! The only way to know for sure if you are a candidate is to get in touch with your periodontist. We can’t wait to help you enjoy all the benefits of state-of-the-art periodontal therapy.

About the Practice

Dr. James Rynar offers excellence in periodontal therapy in Florham Park from the comfort of a modern dental practice. If you would like to upgrade your gum disease treatment, we invite you to get in touch with the office at 973-377-3131.

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