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Benefits of Laser Periodontal Surgery in Florham Park

October 17, 2017

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Portrait of a smiling womanResearch consistently shows that maintaining good gum health is crucial for your oral and overall health. Unfortunately, the majority of adults in the US suffer from gum disease, and the implications to public health are alarming. Gum disease has been linked to heart trouble, respiratory issues, uncontrolled diabetes, and other serious health conditions.

In addition to scaling and root planing, periodontal surgery in Florham Park provides a wonderful solution for moderate to severe gum disease — and we use a LANAP® laser to make the process more comfortable, efficient, and successful overall.

Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Moderate to severe cases of periodontitis (gum disease) are diagnosed once the periodontal pockets, or the space between the teeth and gums where the bacteria live, reach a depth of 6 millimeters or greater. At this point, non-surgical options are unlikely to provide sufficient treatment for gum disease.

To perform periodontal surgery, your dentist or periodontist cuts away at dead or diseased tissue to remove all bacteria and infection. Traditional gum surgeries have been completed with a scalpel and sutures, which meant a potentially painful procedure and long recovery times. LANAP offers a better alternative.


LANAP, or laser-assisted new attachment procedure, allows your dentist to remove bacteria and diseased periodontal tissue while also promoting regrowth of healthy tissue. It is the only FDA-approved treatment to do so. Because the procedure is performed with a laser rather than a scalpel and sutures, LANAP surgeries are also associated with shorter recovery periods and less discomfort overall.

The benefits of LANAP periodontal surgery include:

  • No scalpel or stitches
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Natural regeneration of gum tissue rather than using growth factors

How It Works

Laser gum surgery is performed under local anesthesia to ensure you remain completely comfortable. Options in sedation may be available too for added relaxation.

Once you are at-ease, your dentist will measure and record the depth of your periodontal pockets, or the space where the bacteria live. The laser is applied to the pockets to remove bacteria and the infected pocket lining, and the root’s surface is cleaned and smoothed. Another pass with the laser will be made to kill additional bacteria, then a blood clot is formed and pressed against the tooth to create a seal.

Healing and new tissue growth occur over a period of 12 months following the procedure.

Are You a Candidate for LANAP?

If you have chronic mild-to-severe gum disease, you are likely an excellent candidate for LANAP in Florham Park. The procedure can also reduce inflammation from dental implants. Contact your periodontist to find out whether or not this treatment is right for your smile.

About the Author

Dr. James Rynar is a trusted periodontist in Florham Park. To learn more about his services or to discuss your gum health and whether or not you could benefit from LANAP laser gum surgery, you are invited to contact the office at 973-377-3131.

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