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For Unsightly Gums, Cosmetic Periodontics in Florham Park

February 28, 2017

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cosmetic periodontics in florham park fix gum problemsJust like any masterpiece, your healthy teeth need a beautiful frame to really set them off. But if you have a gummy smile, or if gum disease or aggressive toothbrushing have eaten away at your healthy gum tissue, you may find that you’re reluctant to flash your grin. Dr. James Rynar can help with cosmetic periodontics in Florham Park. Learn more about why you may benefit from crown lengthening, soft tissue grafting, or bone grafting today.

What Is Cosmetic Periodontics?

Teeth only make up half of your smile, but most people think sparkling white tooth enamel is all there is to a beautiful grin. While they don’t get as much airtime on TV commercials, your gums are just as important for the overall form and function of your smile. When there is too much or not enough gum tissue present in the mouth, cosmetic periodontics can help. As a cosmetic periodontist, Dr. Rynar performs procedures that improve the health and/or symmetry of your gum tissue using the latest in dental technology.

Crown Lengthening Exposes More Healthy Tooth Enamel

If you have too much gum tissue covering up your teeth, you know just a “gummy smile” describes. The good news is that you probably do have plenty of healthy white tooth enamel to show off, it’s just hidden underneath your gums. With crown lengthening, Dr. Rynar removes what’s covering up your smile with extreme precision using our soft tissue laser. It’s a fast, efficient, and practically painless way to a more beautiful smile.

Crown lengthening may also be needed if there is not enough tooth outside of the gum line to hold a dental crown — like if the tooth has broken off at the gum.

Soft Tissue Grafting for Gum Recession

You may lose your gums for any number of reasons, from brushing your teeth too hard to advanced stages of periodontal (gum) disease. When too much of your teeth are exposed, you experience increased sensitivity and are at a higher risk of tooth decay and other oral issues. We can help reverse the damage done by gum recession with soft tissue grafting. Thanks to our soft tissue laser, there are no sutures or stitches necessary for this nonsurgical procedure, so patients enjoy a speedier, more comfortable recovery overall.

Bone Grafting Following Tooth Loss

When you’ve lost a tooth, your periodontal and bone tissue will slowly collapse if the tooth is not replaced soon. Dental implants offer a wonderful solution for tooth loss, but some patients have already lost too much jawbone for proper anchoring of the implant. In these cases, bone grafting increases bone volume to create the right environment for dental implants — and that means more patients can enjoy the benefits of the comprehensive tooth replacement.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If you are dealing with a gummy smile, or if you know you need help preserving your bone structure after tooth loss or gum disease, you can benefit from cosmetic periodontics. Please request an appointment with your periodontist in Florham Park today!

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