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How Periodontal Disease Effects your Overall Health

June 10, 2016

periodontist in Florham ParkWe all know that untreated periodontal disease can wreak havoc on your oral health, but did you know it also produces many negative effects on your overall health? The bacteria responsible for causing gum disease is directly linked to many additional health complications, such as heart disease and dementia. If you’re suffering from untreated gum disease, it’s imperative you seek a periodontist in Florham Park right away to restore your oral health. By doing so, you’ll decrease your risk for developing serious and potentially deadly complications associated with the disease.

Gum Disease and Your Overall Health

Gum disease results when an accumulation of plaque and tarter cause an infection in the gums. Plaque and tarter contain harmful bacteria that will cause an infection when not removed. In the early stages, gum disease is easily treatable, but as the infection intensifies, you open the door to a host of additional complications. During the later stages of gum disease, known as periodontitis, you will need periodontal therapy in Madison to rid the infection and reverse the damages to your oral health. Not to mention, you need immediate action to decrease the risk for developing serious overall health complications.

Heart Disease—Gum disease and heart disease are directly linked to one another. In a 2009 paper by the American Academy of Periodontology and the American Journal of Cardiology, it was reported gum disease will increase a person’s risk for heart disease, including an increased risk for stroke and heart attack.

Diabetes—Diabetes and gum disease tend to go hand-in-hand because those with diabetes have a harder time fighting infections. With gum disease caused by an infection, uncontrolled diabetes increases your risk for gum disease.

Dementia—Recent studies have found gum disease to be a prevalent factor in those with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. The bacteria from gum disease can cause inflammation to occur throughout the body if the infection reaches the bloodstream. This inflammation can cause cognitive impairment, memory loss, and other serious complications.

Rheumatoid Arthritis—Rheumatoid arthritic and periodontal disease both cause chronic inflammation. While evidence has yet to find a direct link in the connection between the two, those with RA do tend to have gum disease present which has caused more missing teeth than for those without RA. Not to mention, those with RA report an improvement in their RA symptoms after having undergone periodontal therapy.

Premature Births—Premature birth rates appear to be linked to gum disease, however, more studies are needed for more conclusive evidence. As it appears now, there appears to be a connection between the early delivery of a baby when the mother has gum disease. In addition, those with gum disease who sought periodontal therapy during pregnancy were able to carry to 35 weeks or longer.

Your Periodontitis in Florham Park

Metropolitan Periodontics and Implantology provide periodontal therapy in Livingston, Madison, and Florham Park to protect your oral and overall health. We provide customized treatment plans to treat the infection while repairing the damage that has occurred. If you’re in need of periodontal therapy, call our office today at (973) 210-7102 to schedule a consultation.


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