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Improve Your Smile With Dental Crown Lengthening

April 18, 2016

dental crown lengthening Florham ParkWhen your tooth needs a new crown — perhaps due to the wear of an old crown, or as the result of a serious tooth injury — you may need dental crown lengthening in Florham Park NJ. What does the procedure entail? Read on to learn more from Dr. James Rynar.

Why We Use Dental Crown Lengthening

The dental crown lengthening procedure removes tissue and bone to expose more of the tooth structure that lies beneath, and it is used for both functional and cosmetic reasons.

Dental crown lengthening is used most often when:

  • An injury has broken off a significant portion of the tooth and not enough structure is exposed for a new filling or crown
  • An old filling or crown has fallen off and only decay lies underneath
  • In cosmetic applications, dental crown lengthening exposes more of the hidden tooth enamel and reverse the effects of what we call a “gummy smile.” It’s often a preferred treatment for smile makeovers in Florham Park!

What to Expect From Dental Crown Lengthening

When you need this procedure performed to lengthen one or more teeth, you’ll visit your periodontist at Metropolitan Periodontics and Implantology for an initial appointment. Dr. Rynar will examine your tooth (or teeth) and put together a treatment plan. You may also get a professional tooth cleaning if necessary to prepare your mouth for the surgery.

On the day of the procedure, you’ll receive a local anesthetic to ensure you feel absolutely no discomfort at the treatment site. Once the tooth has been sufficiently exposed, the area is cleaned and very small sutures placed. You’ll come back to the office in one to two weeks so that we can remove the sutures and give you follow up instructions.

After Your Surgery

After your surgery it is very likely that you will experience minimal discomfort. Pain medication will be prescribed in the event you need it. We will likely recommend ice packs for several hours afterward. Maintain a soft food diet and plan to take it easy for 24 hours. Dr. Rynar will be available by telephone if you have any questions.

Contact Metropolitan Periodontics & Implantology Today

Do you have questions about dental crown lengthening? Please contact our office to discuss the procedure or anything else related to your oral health with your cosmetic dentist in Florham Park today.

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