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Fix Receding Gums with Gum Grafting in Florham Park

December 15, 2015

gum grafting florham parkGum recession isn’t something you want to ignore. The gradually occurring condition often goes unnoticed, but increased sensitivity or a tooth that appears longer than it should can signify that you need to seek treatment for the problem. And when you do, you can benefit greatly from gum grafting in Florham Park. Keep reading for more on the smile-saving treatment from Dr. James Rynar, the periodontal expert at Metropolitan Periodontics & Implantology Associates.

Gum Recession Shouldn’t Be Ignored

When your gums pull back from their natural position, it’s not just the appearance of your smile that suffers. It’s also your oral and overall health. Receding gums leave your body open to a number of infections, and can increase tooth sensitivity as well as leave your roots vulnerable to caries and other problems. Eventually, gum recession can lead to tooth loss.

So what causes gum recession, exactly? Knowing can help you to diagnose an existing problem — and prevent future ones before they begin.

  • Gum disease or periodontitis
  • Aggressive, side-to-side toothbrushing
  • Smoking
  • Eating an unbalanced diet
  • Genetics

If your receding gums have gone past the point where better a deep cleaning can restore them to good health, Dr. Rynar will recommend periodontal surgery in Florham Park.

Gum Grafting in Florham Park Restores Oral Health

One of two excellent treatments for gum recession at Metropolitan Periodontics & Implantology Associates is gum grafting. This procedure completes receding gums using a thin bit of tissue from the roof of the mouth and placing it in the areas where recession has occurred. The result is a stable, healthy looking and complete gum line once again — something anyone dealing with gum recession can appreciate.

Allografting: A More Comfortable Grafting Option

If traditional gum grafting isn’t the best option for you, Dr. Rynar will likely recommend an allograft instead. This method uses tissue from a donor rather than from the roof of your mouth, meaning the whole process is more comfortable for you and requires less recovery time overall.

Learn More About Periodontal Surgery in Florham Park Today

If you’re dealing with the painful effects of gum recession, please contact our Florham Park office for the sake of your oral health. Our team of dental experts is waiting to help you restore your gums back to their natural state, and improve your appearance and health while we’re at it. Like every great masterpiece, your beautiful teeth need a great frame — contact us to learn more about periodontal therapy today.

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