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How Technology Is Changing Periodontal Surgery

December 5, 2018

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woman at the dentist’s officeStrides in dental technology that have been made over the past decade or so have greatly improved the process for just about every procedure. Visiting a periodontist who regularly invests in the latest technology will help to ensure that your procedure is as comfortable and efficient as possible. If you are in need periodontal surgery in Florham Park, find out about the different modern tools and state-of-the-art techniques your periodontist may use in this week’s blog post.


Evaluating Your Candidacy for Dental Implants in Florham Park

November 15, 2018

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portrait of a smiling woman in a parkIt’s a well-known fact that dental implants are a popular method of tooth replacement, and maybe you even know someone who has one or two. If you’ve lost teeth or are on the brink of having an extraction, your next question is whether or not dental implants in Florham Park are right for you.

Only your implant dentist can confirm or deny your eligibility for this comprehensive tooth replacement, but doing your research beforehand will help you be more informed during an implant consultation so you know which questions to ask. Keep reading to learn about the things your dentist evaluates when considering your candidacy for implant dentistry.


Periodontist in Florham Park Shares Gum Disease Warning Signs

October 5, 2018

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close-up of healthy gumsGum disease is a serious issue for adults in our country, with some estimates saying more than half of people over the age of 35 have the condition to some extent. If you, too, are experiencing the symptoms of gum disease, you need to get help fast — it can take a serious toll on oral and overall health. Keep reading to find out what the warning signs are for gum disease, and where you can get treatment from a periodontist in Florham Park.


A Periodontist Discusses Smoking after Gum Surgery

September 5, 2018

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man lighting a cigaretteHealing after gum surgery can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week or more. It depends on the type of procedure you have had as well as what steps you take to aid or slow recovery. People who smoke may have an especially difficult time in the few days following a periodontal procedure. As your periodontist in Florham Park explains below, tobacco only slows the body’s ability to heal and can put you at an even higher risk of infection. So the best thing to do? Reduce smoking (or kick the habit altogether) well before the procedure is scheduled.


What Does a Periodontist Do?

July 10, 2018

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interior of a dental practiceA periodontist is a type of dental specialist that you may have to visit at some point. They are an expert in all things related to your gums, and as such have received extensive education and hands on training in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of gum disease, as well as the placement of dental implants. Keep reading to learn more about your periodontist in Florham Park — including why you might need to see one, and what you can expect if you do.


Everything You Need to Know about LANAP/LAPIP in Florham Park

June 10, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — drrynar @ 7:24 pm

close-up of a healthy smileGum disease treatment has dramatically improved over the last several years, and now, a dentist or periodontist can help you manage your periodontal (gum) health with greater comfort and ease than ever before. One popular method is with LANAP/LAPIP in Florham Park. Keep reading to learn more about this laser-assisted option for treating gum disease — it’s time for the FAQ!


How Periodontal Therapy in Florham Park Can Save Your Smile

May 15, 2018

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close-up of an attractive smileThe human body is a complex machine, and those who study dentistry know how connected the mouth is to the rest of the body — what goes on in the oral cavity can affect or be affected by your heart, lungs, and other organs. When it comes to gum disease, the effect is especially significant. This condition takes a serious toll on your overall health, which makes periodontal therapy in Florham Park a critical need for patients with gum disease.


Periodontist in Florham Park Uses State-of-the-Art Technology

April 15, 2018

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businesswoman smiling in dentist's chairWhen you need to visit a dental specialist, you need to want to make sure that you are seeing the very best. These days, that means someone who is using the latest technology — the tools that allow them to provide comfortable, efficient, and excellent care. Dr. Rynar, your periodontist in Florham Park, is pleased to offer all of the above with the soft tissue laser. Keep reading to learn how LANAP in Florham Park dramatically improves the process for periodontal therapy!


Periodontal/Gum Disease and Its Effect on Pregnant Women

March 5, 2018

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pregnant mother smilingWe know well by now that the effects of periodontal disease can be serious — and that’s especially true for pregnant women. It’s so common we call it “pregnancy gingivitis” and, left untreated, it can lead to serious side effects. Keep reading to learn more about the why it’s more important than ever for women to visit a dental professional to avoid periodontal disease in Florham Park once they become pregnant.


Can My I Reduce the Gums That Cover My Teeth?

December 23, 2017

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attractive older womanYour gums play an integral part in your healthy, attractive smile. If, however, you have too much gum tissue covering up your pearly whites, you have what we call a “gummy smile.” It’s a common cosmetic issue — and, fortunately, it’s one that can be corrected with cosmetic periodontics in Florham Park. Keep reading to learn more about the procedure known as crown lengthening, including how it works and whether or not it is the right solution for you.


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